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Urgent referrals

For advice, urgent referrals and out of hours support, call +223 20 22 99 99 / +223 20 22 11 11 to page this service's registrar on call.


  • First examination of all newborns, a second after delivery and monthly routine examinations
  • Application of the international vaccination program to all babies and children
  • Diagnosis and monitoring of congenital heart diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of all pediatric diseases, in particular the most common diseases in Mali, (urinary tract infection, asthma, allergic rhinitis, malaria) treatment of diseases with new drugs
  • Use of the latest drugs and devices in the treatment of asthma in children
  • Lung function test in children.
  • Oxygen saturation test during pediatric exams
  • Hospital treatment in hospitalized children
  • Modern neonatal intensive care unit treating premature and neonatal diseases of infants.