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Head of service

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Urgent referrals

For advice, urgent referrals and out of hours support, call +223 20 22 99 99 / +223 20 22 11 11 to page this service's registrar on call.



Periodontics Service

  • Medical treatment of the gums and use of the laser.
  • Surgical treatment gingival and bone grafts.
  • Laser gum treatment.

Surgery Department

  • Dental extractions
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Surgical disinclusion of teeth in detention
  • Oral surgery
  • Frenectomy, corticotomy
  • Cyst and Apical Resections
  • Maxilo-facial surgery

Pediatric Service

  • Specific dental care of the child
  • Prevention of Mayflies Fluoridation
  • Treatment of the attacks of the email and the colorations
  • Treatment of post-traumatic fractures and coronary reconstructions
  • Space maintainers after extraction of temporary teeth
  • Pediatric crowns and bridges
  • Treatment of dental agenesis in multiple syndromic

Dental Care Service

  • Careful stripping
  • General dentistry: cavities and prevention
  • Endodontics: root treatment
  • Prostheses: crowns, bridges and ceramic inlays
  • Removable dental appliances: Stellites or conventional
  • Provisional devices

Aesthetic Services

  • Fine aesthetic facets without the touch of email
  • Coronary reconstructions by composites, addition techniques
  • Dental whitening (whitening)
  • Aesthetic orthodontics