Cysts, which are frequently heard in the field of medicine and are the subject of many diseases; They can be benign or malignant, liquid, semi-solid or air-filled sac-like formations that can occur in different parts of the body. Although these sacs, also known as tumor. Usually scare the patients. However, they are bening formations in many cases.However, taking into account the possibility that all cysts may be malignant and become cancerous, research should be done for this.

What are the symptoms of cysts?

Because of their prevalence, cysts are usually detected by chance in any part of the body during ultrasound and similar examinations for a different reason. Cysts may start to show some symptoms in people due to conditions such as tearing, infection or excessive growth, pressure on a sensitive tissue or nerve, and sprains (torsion). These symptoms caused by cysts vary according to the type of cyst. Cysts in the ovaries and uterine layers cause symptoms such as impaired reproductive hormones in the blood, infertility, menstrual irregularity and bleeding. Liver cysts and cysts in organs such as kidneys and lungs do not cause symptoms in some cases, but they may cause symptoms such as deterioration in organ functions, pain, and increase in enzyme levels in the blood in other cases,. Cysts on the skin can be easily noticed because they cause swelling in the area. Apart from these, in all types of cysts, due to the growth of the cyst, it may cause a feeling of pain in the area as ​​a stabbing. This pain may increase in cases such as changing the posture of the body to put pressure on the cyst or putting pressure on the area of ​​the cyst. Since the aggravation of these pains may indicate rupture or bursting of the cyst, it is beneficial to apply to a health institution immediately in case of such pain.